Firefighter Candidate Assessment

The testing period for the Firefighter Candidate Assessment (FCA) closed on 12/16/16 and the City of Los Angeles is no longer accepting applications for the 2016 Firefighter exam administration. If you are still interested in becoming a Firefighter with the City of Los Angeles, please visit the homepage for the latest news regarding future opportunities.

FIREFIGHTER CANDIDATE ASSESSMENT (FCA): The FCA, or Firefighter Candidate Assessment, is a computer-based test battery consisting of two parts; a multimedia assessment and a self-description component. In the multimedia portion, candidates respond to audio and video cues on the computer. In the self-description component, candidates define themselves by responding to biographical, situational, and work attitude items.

To meet the FCA requirement, you must: (1) register for the FCA, (2) take the FCA, and (3) apply for the examination during the application filing period.

Achievement of a passing score on the FCA is required in order to be considered for the next phase of the selection process.