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A City of Los Angeles Firefighter has many rewards, financially and personally. The City of Los Angeles offers an exceptional compensation package. This includes the following:

$60,552 - $83,812 - Effective June 28, 2015

Recruits would receive full pay during Academy training . As of July 1, 2008, a Firefighter will receive cost of living increase in their salary structure. We will post the new salaries on the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department's website. There's also bilingual bonus.

Excellent benefits:

Family and domestic partner health and dental coverage. Recruits would receive full dental, health, vision, and pension plan.

Excellent career opportunities:

The Los Angeles Fire Department is not just firefighters. There are opportunities in Fire Inspection, Fireboats duty in the harbor, Paramedic bike patrol, Search and Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, and much more! The higher you go the better the pay!

Excellent working environment:

The Los Angeles City Fire Department is committed to diversity in the workplace. We're a diverse group that welcomes all races and ethnic groups. As part of our recruitment efforts, we've been targeting all ethnic groups to be part of the family.

Excellent people:

The Los Angeles Fire Department has a people friendly family that helps the community, helps each other and helps people in general. We know that we're an integral part of your community, your neighborhood and your City. We're not just saving people, but helping them also.

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