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Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in the Los Angeles Fire Department Volunteer Programs. The following is general information about some of the programs available to you.

LAFD Cadets

This program is designed to support the men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department at any type of major emergency.

LAFD Cadets and Los Angeles Firefighters work side-by-side. Following an introductory training program, Cadets respond to real emergencies with firefighters and paramedics, and assist them by performing routine supervised tasks. LAFD Cadets assist firefighters around the fire station including station maintenance, maintaining equipment, training drills, and by becoming involved with the community assisting with community relations and fire prevention.

Please check the website for age group limitations or email

LAFD Crew 3

LAFD Crew 3 is a Volunteer Type II Handcrew managed by the Los Angeles Fire Department. Crew 3 is currently organized as a Wildland Cadet Post. Crew 3 Members receive wildland classes and hands-on training as well as career guidance to help with successful careers in the Fire Service. Crew 3 is managed and run by LAFD Members with extensive wild land training and handcrew experience.

For more information on how to participate in the Crew 3 program, visit

Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS)

This program is designed to assist during communication emergencies or as extra "eyes and ears" for the LAFD. During a communication emergency, ACS would be used to assist in the following manner:

  • Communications breakdown between Operations Control Division (OCD) and Fire Stations
  • Temporary communication to temporary sites
  • Extra "Eyes and Ears"
  • Links for the general public
  • Link for Community Emergency Response (CERT) teams to other volunteer groups
  • Link to outside agencies
  • Other non-emergency needs

To become an ACS volunteer, it is mandatory to first have a Ham radio license. A Ham radio will be required, if accepted. If you have the appropriate license, and would like to have more information about the ACS program, and would like to obtain an application or learn more, please click on the official website:

Support Services Volunteer (SSV) Program

This program is designed to support the men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department at any type of major emergency. BSS Volunteers are trained to provide logistics (labor, materials, information) and "Rehab" (rehabilitation) to Fire Personnel at various incidents, which includes refreshments, logistical support, deliver support vehicles, emergency scene lighting, equipment and supplies. Volunteers are able to staff Rehab Air Tenders thereby freeing uniformed members to return to their duty assignments. If you are interested in becoming a BSS volunteer, please check the appropriate box at the top of the application form. You can also read more about the events that BSS participates in at our website

General Volunteers

If you do not wish to specialize in a particular program, or do not have a lot of time to dedicate but would like to help out on occasion, you have the opportunity to become a General Volunteer. A General Volunteer is someone who volunteers at non-emergency events, doing whatever is needed. An event may consist of a fire station opening, a graduation ceremony, a March of Dimes event, or any type of pre-planned event where volunteers may be utilized. You might be asked to help set up locations, serve food, assist with information booths, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a General Volunteer, or if you have any further questions regarding the Volunteer Programs, including the application process, please contact the LAFD Volunteer Coordinator, Cynthia Fletes at

Questions about your application? Call 213-473-9060
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