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In 2016, there will be a new administration of the Firefighter Exam with new requirements. Information regarding the new 2016 exam can be found under Salary and Benefits: Qualifications and Hiring Process: 2016 Application Process menu item.

While there will be a new test in 2016, the administration of the 2014 Firefighter Exam is still ongoing. There are many candidates who have been and are participating in the various stages of this selection process that was initiated in 2014. Candidates should continue participating in this process; keep all your appointments, etc. There are also many applicants for the 2014 exam who have not been invited to participate in this exam administration. Please be aware that all candidates and applicants in the 2014 exam may also compete in the upcoming 2016 selection process, if they so choose. Being a Firefighter with the Los Angeles Fire Department is a highly desirable and rewarding career, so the selection process is extremely competitive. Each candidate/applicant must decide how s/he can be most competitive, and that may include competing in both the 2014 and 2016 Firefighter exam administrations, if s/he so chooses.

The City of Los Angeles Personnel Department is continuing to conduct Firefighter written examinations under the job bulletin dated July 11, 2014. Applicants will be considered for upcoming Drill Towers based on the date all test parts are completed. For those applicants not yet invited to test, your application will be kept on file under this job bulletin and is automatically included for selection in the next test administration.

In order to receive updates in a timely manner, all applicants for Firefighter are encouraged to check their e-mail in-box and/or spam folder on a regular basis. Please review all e-mails and attachments you receive from the City Personnel Department carefully for details regarding your status and details about the next steps in the Firefighter selection process. Attachments may also include information on how to be successful- Strategies for Success, how to prepare for test parts, and how to RSVP for LAFD Preparation Seminars.