Core Values

LAFD Vision

The LAFD will be the premier, all-risk public safety and emergency service provider that exceeds the expectations of the diverse communities we serve.

LAFD Mission

To preserve life, protect property, and safeguard our communities through relentless commitment to emergency preparedness, prevention, response, and recovery.

LAFD Core Values

SERVICE – Prioritizing our citizens, residents, and communities

CHARACTER – Aligning personal values with organizational values

COMPETENCY – Committing to the continual pursuit of performance excellence

CONTRIBUTION – Immersing ourselves in the advancement of our services and standards

COLLABORATION – Embracing the widespread value of diversity, equity, and inclusion

SAFETY – Always – in every operation; at every incident

KNOWLEDGE – Informed, experienced leaders with qualifications, certifications, and formal education

A Strategic Process

Goal 1:

Deliver exceptional public safety and emergency service

Goal 2:

Promote a safe, healthy, and progressive work environment that effectively manages personal and organizational risk

Goal 3:

Commit to an organizational culture that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion

Goal 4:

Improve collaboration, participative leadership, and responsible performance management

Goal 5:

Foster personal growth, professional development, and organizational succession

Goal 6:

Explore, implement, and integrate technological innovations and advancements

Goal 7:

Enhance community resilience, disaster recovery capabilities, and environmental sustainability

Performance Excellence

  1. Performance leadership – empowers employees to exercise their talents and skills while also facilitating a learning environment conducive to the development of best practices that align with the overall organizational direction
  2. Performance measurement – which quantitatively and qualitatively offers multiple means to gauge progression in achieving desired organizational, program, or project goals
  3. Performance management – which involves the process of monitoring whether a set of activities and outputs meet organizational goals efficiently