Visit A Fire Station

Candidates for the position of firefighter are strongly encouraged to visit a Los Angeles City Fire Station. Prior to your station visit, we encourage you to consider not only the rewards, but also the uncommon risks, roles and responsibilities of being a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician.

We suggest you prepare a brief list of questions regarding career employment with our agency, especially those focused on the rigorous personal and professional demands of being a Los Angeles Firefighter. The men and women at any of our neighborhood fire stations will be pleased to answer these questions while providing insight into our mission, character and culture of service.


Before you visit the fire station, call and speak with the on-duty Captain. The Captain will arrange a date and time for your visit. If you a requesting a group visit, special arrangements will be made to accommodate the group. The following information must be provided for the Captain:

  • Date of your visit
  • Time of your visit. The public may schedule a visit between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
  • Number of persons in your group
  • Approximate age of the members in your group
  • Any special accommodations needed

The need for LAFD members to attend drills, participate in training, complete station duties, maintain equipment or perform inspections, may require us to limit or adjust the time spent with visitors. Visits may be abruptly ended or postponed if personnel must respond to an emergency!

Public safety employees and others on official business seeking a formal agency visit or ride-a-long, must contact the Fire Department Community Liaison Office at (213) 978-3820. This office will instruct you on the procedures to acquire ride-a-long approval.

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