FCA Fee Waiver FAQs

What is the FCA Fee Waiver?

The FCA Fee Waiver allows those who meet financial eligibility requirements to waive the $73 registration fee for the Firefighter Candidate Assessment (FCA) administered by PSI.

How is eligibility for the fee waiver determined?

If you receive the benefits identified in Section 1 of the FCA Fee Waiver Application (e.g., SSI, TANF, Medi-Cal, CAL Fresh), or if your household income meets the 2022 Federal Poverty Guideline for 2020 identified on the FCA Fee Waiver Application, then you may be eligible for an FCA fee waiver.

You must complete the FCA Fee Waiver Application and submit it as indicated on the application. In addition, you must verify your eligibility for the fee waiver by providing supporting documentation as indicated on the FCA Fee Waiver Application.

How do I apply for the FCA Fee Waiver?

For instructions on how to apply for and submit the application, as well as for the link to the FCA Fee Waiver Application itself, please review the FCA Fee Waiver Application Process by clicking here.

Briefly, you must 1) complete the fee waiver application (click here), print it out and sign it; 2) compile the document or documents that verify that you meet the eligibility requirements listed on the fee waiver application; 3) scan the completed & signed fee waiver and supporting eligibility documentation, and email it to FCAFeeWaiverApp@lacity.org, or call (213) 473-9060 and talk to the Fee Waiver Application Analyst to arrange to drop off hard copies.

How long will it take to verify my eligibility for a fee waiver?

If the scanned copies of the application and supporting documentation are legible; the FCA has been fully completed and signed; the eligibility documentation clearly supports your eligibility for the waiver; and you respond in a timely manner to any questions the Fee Waiver Application Analyst has for you (either via email or phone), then your eligibility determination may be completed within five (5) business days.

When scheduling the FCA, please take into consideration the time required to process the FCA Fee Waiver Application.

How will I be notified whether my fee waiver has been approved?

The Fee Waiver Application Analyst will notify you by email regarding your eligibility. If you have been approved for a fee waiver, you will receive detailed instruction regarding registering for the FCA on the PSI website. In addition, a representative from PSI may contact you directly to assist you with your online FCA registration.

What if I already paid for the FCA, but I qualify for a fee waiver, can I receive reimbursement?

If you schedule and pay for the FCA before a fee waiver application has been submitted or before an eligibility determination has been made, you may still be eligible for a fee waiver and reimbursement through PSI. However, you must submit the FCA Fee Waiver Application before the FCA testing period ends on October 16, 2023. Reimbursement will be made to the account charged for the FCA registration fee.